Name: Jack and Jill

Breed: Jack Russell Terriers

Sex: Male and Female

Age: app 1 yr and 2 yrs

Colour: Tri-colour smooth coats

Dog friendly: Yes

Cats: No

Children: Yes older



This sweet pair have only just come into rescue and were sadly found abandoned.  We think they are mum and son,  they are very friendly once they know you and just want to be picked up and cuddled, especially Jack!!  They are a lovely pair, typical terriers very inquisitive and real hedgerow dogs!!  Jill is the brains and Jack is the brawn!!  They love to play with a tennis ball and will happily run up and down all day and what a pleasure to have a jackie that brings the ball back to you!!!! As soon as you sit down they are up on your lap for a kiss and cuddle.  Very dependent on each other and as such we will be rehoming them as a pair.  They have been neutered/vaccinated and chipped and are currently in foster with our co-ordinator who says they are a smashing pair and any terrier person would love them and if we don't find a loving home soon she is very tempted to keep them!!!!!