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Dogs come into us from various sources including private surrender. We are however a relatively small rescue, staffed solely by volunteers and we do not have our own kennels or paid staff. Dogs are cared for in our own homes, foster homes or we pay for private boarding kennels. This is all paid for by donations and fundraising,  so our resources are limited.

We are also a mixed-breed rescue, and as such we need to maintain a balance with the types/breeds of dogs we have on our books at any one time. Sadly given the current desperate climate for bullbreeds, this invariably means that we  have a waiting list to come in to us as many that we take do require rehabilitation and we do take in many older dogs that take longer to rehome.  So please consider carefully before contacting us because "you don't have enough time for your dog", as it is still likely to be considerably more one-to-one time than they would have in kennels.


Gumtree/Preloved and Other Similar Sites

We would urge you not to advertise your dog "free to a good home" on these sites, as there has been a huge increase in dogs being sold on to other homes, turning up dead, mutilated or in a dreadful condition.

Increasing numbers of people are trawling these sites for free dogs (particularly bull breeds)  to use as bait dogs for dog-fighting rings, often posing (very convincingly) as loving family homes. Or in the case of un-neutered dogs & bitches to use as breeding machines and then being cast out.

If you do advertise your dog, you should  insist on visiting any potential homes, and taking up references with a vet etc. If they are genuinely offering a loving home for life, they will not mind.


Rescue Dogs

If your Dog originally came from a Rescue Organisation,  then you should contact them first to ascertain you are not in breach of your Adoption Agreement by re-homing the dog. Many Rescues insist on being contacted first  under such circumstances, and will often have microchip details registered to themselves, so they would be alerted if re-registered to a new owner.


Surrendering Your Dog To Epsom Canine Rescue

If you would like Epsom Canine Rescue to consider rehoming your dog, you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete the Surrender Form which can be found here. Please note that completion of this form will not guarantee us taking your dog.
  2. Send us at least two clear photos of your dog. This is a requirement and we cannot accept any dogs without photos.
  3. Upon receipt of your form we will make contact to arrange to visit you and your dog and following this  all dogs now have to undergo a independent assessment to gauge behaviour.

We will require both the form and the photos before we can proceed.

If you are having difficulty completing the form or uploading photos, please get in touch via the Contact Us menu item to the left.

If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of submitting your form, please email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note:

  • * We will always visit  your dog prior to intake or request that you bring it to us for assessment.
  • * We will ask to see copies of vaccination and microchip paperwork.
  • * We will ask you to arrange for your dogs medical history to be faxed from your vet to ours.
  • * We may ask you to contribute towards vaccination and neuter costs (if this has not already been done), as this helps to offset costs for dogs who come in as strays.

If we are able to help, we will get back in contact with you  as soon as possible, but please remember we are all volunteers.

You may also wish to visit the following website for details ofother rescues to contact, or see the Our Friends menu item to the left.