Name: Dotty

Breed: English Bull Terrier Cross

Sex: Female

Colour: White with black dots

Dog friendly: Yes

Cats: Unkown

Children: Yes, older

Microchipped vaccinated and neutered.

Dotty is totally deaf but despite this she is the funniest, happiest young dog you could wish to meet. She is full of beans and loves everyone! She has an amazing ability to make you laugh and is always rolling around smiling at you with her cheeky grin. Dotty is always happy! Due to people's intolerance and ignorance Dotty has had little training and has been given little time and attention. She loves to be close to you, cuddling up and looking at you with her big pricked up ears and smiley face! She is totally trusting of people and is desperate to be loved. It is possible that Dotty will bark or howl if she is left on her own because of her devotion to people. Advise can be given on how to reduce this but it would be Dotty’s dream to have company most of the time.  Dotty walks nicely on the lead and has been pleasant to other dogs she has met on lead, but she does get excited and has chased dogs when off-lead. As she cannot hear you call this can be dangerous. Therefore, because of her lack of hearing it is likely that she will always need to be walked on an extending lead or long lead unless in an enclosed area.  We have started training Dotty using a vibration collar. (Please note this is a vibration only collar and not a shock collar. We are totally against the use of electric shock collars.) Every time Dotty feels the vibration, we are training her to look at her handler to receive further instructions. She learns quickly and enjoys training. Dotty loves toys and would run after a ball happily all day so she would love somewhere with a large garden. Although she has previously lived with children we feel that any family would need to have children of teenage years and above as she can be inadvertently boisterous when playing and greeting.

As a small charity we usually only home dogs in the local vicinity however we are happy to hear from potential homes further a field to help us find the right home for Dotty. Thank you for reading about her. She really is the most affectionate dog that will make you laugh all day!