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Name: Bertie
Breed: Terrier Cross - large
Sex: Male - neutered
Age: 11 yrs
Colour: Red broken coat with docked tail
Dog friendly:


Cats: Unknown
Children: Adult 


Poor Bertie is a bundle of nerves bless him xx Worried by quick hand and foot movements this little lad struggles to make eye contact initially with new people but is very foody so did come around to me fairly quickly with sausage !!! He is very anxious to please you and affectionate and nuzzley looking at you for constant reassurance that all is ok - a real heartbreaker xx He loves his tennis ball and during our first walk he had learnt to drop the ball for a treat without even asking him and he really needs lots of gentle reassurance x He is quite noise phobic especially traffic so we are looking for an experienced calm and quiet home with a routine and with possibly another chilled and confident canine to help 'paw hold' until he settles x His existing home has had him for 8 months and sadly there is no real history before that and she realises that he needs more of a terrier experienced home without any visiting grandchildren to worry him xxx Bertie does require a secure garden as he has escaped several times and found in the local church with the choir xxxx He would love an understanding home with lots of gentle encourangement and love and bless him dozed happily on my feet whilst I completed his rehoming form:(( Please give him a chance xxx I am hoping to bring him to HQ and pop him in a bedroom in our oap unit w/c 17th October xxx

BERTIE UPDATE - Bertie has now been at HQ for nearly 6 weeks and is doing really well x He enjoys going for walks with the other dogs and actually seems more confident out and about in there company x He loves to play with toys, carries his big Buffalo chew everywhere with him and is very brave and now greets all visitors at HQ with a friendly lick x He does like a routine and can get a bit stressy if this changes and would be best suited to an active retired home where this is somebody about during the day and the day is structured. He is not quite so daunted now going out in the dark but is very aware of noises and sadly the fireworks put him back a few weeks as he wouldn't venture out on his own even just outside the door :((( He could go as an only dog but also as a companion dog to a laid back mature one which would probably help with his confidence. He is the sweetest, most affectionate lad you could meet and is constantly looking at you for reassurance by way of kind words, a smile and a stroke and always pleased to see you x  He is still wary of fast hand and leg movements but becoming more relaxed, he has poor sight in his right eye which is worse in bright light so this may make this worse x He would make a wonderful companion and so deserves to be curled up on a rug beside the fire this Christmas xxx









All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


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