Name: Grandad Gus
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 16 yrs
Colour: Red
Dog friendly: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Children: 10 yrs plus


Sadly poor old boy Gus was found wandering the streets of London and picked up by the dog warden. He is blind and very doddery so must have been terrified out on his own amongst traffic :((

Our lovely local dog warden Tara, knows we have a soft spot for the oldies and contacted us to take him in our new OAP unit.   He arrived cold and exhausted and spent the first 48hrs sound asleep in a soft, cosy bed in 20 degrees heat in the OAP unit and on four meals a day x  Once his batteries were recharged, it became apparent that he had the start of dementia and teamed with his blindness it made him very anxious x We had him checked at our vets as his teeth are appalling, but his heart is strong and for his age his legs are good with minimal arthritis although he has some kidney issues. We started him on some meds to help with his stress and he is much better and teamed with his renal diet, there has now been an improvement with his kidney function. Despite his age, he is clean and always asks to go out to toilet x Like a true oldie he does sleep a lot but enjoys his 20 min walk twice a day with his tennis ball to the post box, sporting his thermal  Postman Pat coat x  He is dear old chap, very affectionate and chatty, and it breaks our hearts to think that someone could just abandon him, so he will live out his days here unless we can find an angel foster mum who can cope with his dementia xxx





All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


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