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Name: Ruby
Breed: American Bulldog cross
Sex: Female
Age: 8 years
Colour: Brindle & White
Dog friendly:


Cats: No
Children: Adult


Ruby is a lovely affectionate girl, full of exuberance and is at her happiest charging around the garden with her toys and then coming to flop on you for a cuddle. She is quite a clumsy girlie and doesn’t realise her size or her weight (35 kilos) and likes to try and sit on your lap!! 

She underwent a cruciate and meniscus tear operation at the end of last summer which meant that walks and socialisation training were suspended for some months, the operation was a great success and she is no longer in pain and back to charging around the garden.  

Ruby is very much a people dog and loves nothing more than you to spend time in her company interacting with toys, treats and cuddles and is even very gentle with elderly people despite her normal clumsiness .  

She is a big favourite amongst all of our volunteers, even the ones that are not normally bullbreed lovers as she gives everyone such a wonderful greeting and is genuinely pleased to see them.Ruby is not keen to share this and as such we are looking for a semi rural home with a large garden where she can have some decent off lead playing and any walks can be onlead wearing a muzzle.

Ruby is currently in foster and her foster mum can confirm that she is easy to have around, happy to occupy herself with a bone or rawhide and take herself of into the garden to play with a toy. 

She greets everyone with a bottom wag and a smile and is good company and can be found beside you helping in the kitchen (she does counter surf!!) or on gardening duty down in the veg patch.


Ruby is extremely sensitive,  and always keen to please and loves any form of fuss, especially tummy tickles, please consider this big bundle of love.



Ruby  is vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered .

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Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.

If you would like to apply to home Ruby, please complete our homing application HERE.


Please also take the time to read our Guidance Notes on Adopting a Rescue Dog -  HERE,  so that you know how to prepare and what to expect with your new dog.

We would also encourage you to research  the breed that you are looking for,  to ensure  that they suit your family and lifestyle.