Name: Mia

Breed:  Medium Crossbreed

Sex: Female

Age: 8 mths

Colour: Mongrel - Black and tan with a white blaze

Dog friendly: yes

Cats: yes

Children: yes older

This is lovely Mia who is still looking for her forever home after being found abandoned as a very young puppy.  She is approx 8 months old,  and a medium crossbreed standing about knee high, who we think may have some collie in her by her demeanour.  She is an affectionate, friendly girl -  all tail wags & licks and loves the company of other dogs, cats and children. She has recently been diagnosed with hip displasia which  is being managed by low dose pain relief. Vets are confident that this should not impair her development,  and that as her muscles develop and strengthen, the dose can be reduced further.  However Mia does not let this hold her back at all,  and she loves to play, walk or be cuddled like any other young dog. She is a clever girl, quick to learn and  would really enjoy  training classes. She is now off lead with the other dogs in the field and woods and her recall is good. We cannot understand why this young girl is still with us as she is such an easy dog who would make a fabulous addition to any home