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Name: Buster
Breed: Border Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 12 yrs 
Colour: Wheaten
Dog friendly:

Yes happy to walk and interact 

Cats: No

8 yrs plus



Lots of people have been asking about our lovely old Border Terrier boy Buster and we were holding off popping his details up until we had fully assessed his mobility issues. Buster is just 12yrs old, and is a lovely., happy, affectionate little man although can be hand shy initially and was very shut down when he arrived spending most of the day sound asleep in his new big bed x Once he had started to come out of his shell and wanted to run and play we noticed some quite severe movement issues with his hind quarters. On further investigation it was noted by our chiropractor that all of his vertebrae were misaligned and our vet has confirmed a spinal lesion in the lumbars. He has now had three chiropractor treatments and is a hundred times better than he was and is able to run and play which is heart warming to see x He does still have bad days when we get scissor splits and seems worse on his breakfast walk but we are all hopeful that he will continue to improve and we find massaging his lower back and his hind legs help x He is unable to do steps, and needs short walks on level ground and he does scuff on one rear leg so grass walking more suited x He is such a lovely cheeky, chatty chappy and now very happy and it is so lovely to see him develop x We are looking for a quiet retirement home with company and love and he will make a fantastic companion x He is not currently on any medication but may require anti-inflammatories in time xxxx He is quite happy to walk and interact with other dogs and loves my elderley JRT bitch and I do think it is possible for him to go with another older dog after gentle intro's, a bitch would be best xx







All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


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Please also take the time to read our Guidance Notes on Adopting a Rescue Dog -  HERE,  so that you know how to prepare and what to expect with your new dog.  We would also encourage you to research  the breed that you are looking for,  to ensure  that they suit your family and lifestyle.