Name: Rosie     
Breed: Lhaso Apso 
Sex: Female - spayed
Age: 12 yrs
Colour: Tan
Dog friendly:

Needs to go as only pet in the house but happy to walk with other dogs.

Cats: No
Children: 10 yrs plus


Rosie is a 12yr old Lhasa Apso looking for a home due to her second owner's ill health as her original owner passed away 6 yrs ago. Rosie is a real character,  loves fuss and attention and despite her years is very sprightly and enjoys a good walk.  She has had an MOT with our vet and is in good health, vaccinated and spayed, as with these breeds she will need regular clipping and the fur around her eyes will need to be trimmed, she is happy to have all of this done x  Rosie is a bit of a diva and isn't keen to share attention in the house, so will need to go as an only pet although she is happy to walk with other dogs.  She also likes her home comforts and is used to sleeping in the bedroom and does prefer your bed!!!!   Sadly Rosie does suffer from Separation Anxiety and can be vocal if left, there is no destruction nor mess, therefore we are looking for a home where there is someone about most of the time and hoping that once she is settled the anxiety may lessen.  She is a dear little girl and really deserves a loving retirement home, if you have room on your sofa and bed for her, please contact us.

UPDATE - Rosie has been in kennels for the last couple of weeks and although she does spend most of the time helping in the staff kitchen, they have noticed that when she returns to her kennel the SA howling lasts for about an hour and then stops, so we are hopeful that this will improve once she is in a home and has a steady routine.








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