Name: Cookie and Yogi
Breed: Cavapoos
Sex: Male -  brothers
Age: 10 yrs
Colour: White and White with Fawn
Dog friendly:

Happy to walk with other dogs after gentle intro's quite timid

Cats: Unknown
Children: 10 +



Cookie and Yogi have come into rescue as the younger resident dog bullies them. 


They are lovely, friendly boys and Cookie is the more confident when meeting people and Yogi will follow his lead, but Yogi is the more confident meeting new dogs and Cookie will initially stand back and observe but then happy to join in on the walk. Both boys have just been neutered by us and had extensive dentals so they are now ready for homing x  They don't seem to have experienced much, so we are looking for a quiet home that will take the time to gently introduce them to the outside world x  


We are looking to move them into foster and will update this once that has been done.




In so many ways this pair would suit a first-time dog owner. They are an easy going, cuddly and moderately low energy pair that can happily be left alone for a few hours without them crying or barking. However, due to the 'reactivity' around other dogs I now think they should go to someone who already has dog experience, or at least a very switched-on person, as they may get themselves into trouble in the hands of naive owners.

Yogi is much happier to meet new dogs than Cookie, but even he will bark if not introduced carefully at first. Cookie barks more and takes much longer before he feels at ease. Only seems to be a problem with larger dogs. I have only witnessed barking, not growling or showing teeth, however they will both be bold enough to run right up to a dog and bark.  It's for this reason that I feel they should only go to a dog savvy person who understands their reaction comes from a place of nervousness, and will be very careful before letting them off lead in a busy dog park.

They both love a walk and get so excited to see their leads. They love the garden, constantly sniffing and even keen to have a quick game of chase with Betsy. If they see one of us at the other end of the garden, they will zoom over to say hello and are quite lively. They don't appear to interested in toys or balls.

Inside the house they are fairly quiet until they hear or see one of our guest dogs!  It has been particularly, unexpectedly, busy here, but I think generally they will be quiet dogs until they hear the normal stuff that sets off barking, such as foxes, etc.

They both adore food and treats.

They are delightful and very keen to have human company and cuddles and do spend a lot of time resting. As soon as we sit down, anywhere, they want to jump up next to us or on us and don't wait for an invitation. For this reason, they should go to someone that won't be constantly telling them off for jumping on the furniture. They  are very settled sleeping together in our side room. In fact, they spend a lot of time in that room (when we have other guest dogs staying) and we go in to them. They are happy with this and not crying at all to be with us, but always so pleased when we are with them. Would be great with calm and gentle children too I should imagine.




All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


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