Name:  Rosie

Breed:  Rough Coated Terrier

Sex: Female

Age:  18 months

Colour:  Tan and white rough coat

Dog friendly: yes would make an ideal companion for another young playful dog

Cats: no

Birds: no

Children: older 

Rosie has been staying with me for a few weeks and has been absolutely delightful.   Despite her poor start  she has had in life she has been the perfect house guest.  We don't believe she has experienced much of life, or was ever really taken out and about as even time in the garden appears to have been spent on a lead.

Rosie is very exuberant , and for her the outdoors is somewhere full of wonderful sights & smells to be explored to and make up for lost time!!

She loves going out, and  is actually very calm when you are getting her  ready. At the moment she still pulls on the lead,  wanting to investigate everything.  However,  as she is not too heavy, this really isn't so bad.  She is also very bright,  & already if you just stop and standstill she will look at you & sit and wait.  So with persistence we believe this will quickly improve.  She loves to burrow into the undergrowth following scents & sounds,  and in that respect is very much a typical terrier.  She  also appears to have a high prey drive,  becoming very focused & wanted to chase squirrels & birds that she finds.

Despite poor early socialisation Rosie is actually very good with the majority of dogs that she meets,  and  really just wants to say hello. It is only when they yap or bark at her that she doesn't read the signals properly and thinks that they want to play.  This obviously isn't always appreciated by other dogs,  so a balanced approach will be needed.

Rosie plays really well with my young dog Reilly - lots of rough & tumble, jumping on each other & the teeth are out!!    But it is actually all very gentle, and for effect - even when they decide my lap is the perfect place to start a game and my hands have been in the middle, she does not bite.    Whilst initially it can appear very full on, in a home environment there is actually a lot more  downtime too.  Rosie is happy to amuse herself with chews and toys or in her bed.  She shows no guarding tendencies of either food or toys,  and is even happy to chew one end of a rawhide whilst  Reilly chews the other.  Rosie has also been quite respectful of my older boy Bertie who is very grumpy.  She will come over & adopt play stance to try & elicit a response, but then just walks away.  She also hasn't reacted when he barks at her.

In the house Rosie has been very calm other than when having a play with Reilly (but that is very much a two way thing,  initiated equally as much by Reilly. She has quickly calmed down,  and the play is only at a level we have seen with other fosters).    Rosie is curious and wants to explore,  but not too high energy and she is happy to sit and let me brush her .  She is also very gently when taking treats and knows how to sit nicely.  She has also been great with my two children aged 10 and 11 - happy to sit and give everybody kisses.  Other than an initial  couple of 'excitement wees' , Rosie seems pretty much housetrained too, and slept in the crate all night without a peep,   as well as taking herself of there during the day to relax.

Rosie would be well suited to a home with another dog who would like to play with her,  and children aged 10+   Despite initial appearances she quickly calms down in a home environment ,  but would benefit from  somebody who understands Terrier ways, the need for redirection and to keep them occupied;  and who would  continue with her training and socialisation.
 She will reward you with an affectionate and fun-loving companion who has been waiting to find a permanent home far too long.