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Name: Jake
Breed: Parson Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 12 yrs
Colour: Tri-colour with badger face - broken coat
Dog friendly: No
Cats: No
Children: Adult


Can you Help our ‘Special’ Little Man?


Jakey is a really affectionate tri-coloured Parson Terrier whose hobbies include playing with toys, doing tricks for liver treats and squirrel and bird watching.

He is very stimulated by noise, especially engine/traffic noise and the motion of any wheels.


We feel that he may have spent much of his early life outside near a busy road and amused himself by chasing the traffic and then when he became over stimulated chased his tail in frustration. 


He is very bright and very quick to learn new tricks but also very OCD and needs a very strict routine, we do feel that he is possibly on the Autism scale.


He is a loving little man and is at his happiest when he is with you but also needs some 'down time' on his own.   For this reason we are looking for a 'special home'- an adult only with terrier experience,  in a rural situation without other dogs, where he has access to fields for walking without having to journey in the car or walk along a road with traffic.


Jakey is a happy boy and so deserves a second chance, so if you would like to help him and work under guidance from our behaviourist, please get in touch. He will repay you a hundred times over with lots of  love and kisses 


If you would like to apply to adopt Jake, please complete our online homing application HERE

Jakey is neutered, vaccinated & micro-chipped.

See more Jake photos HERE


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.